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Tooth enamel erosion is often related to the frequent consumption of acidic beverages and inconsistent oral hygiene practices. Over time the oral acidic environment can start to demineralize your tooth enamel.

As it continues to develop the microscopic pores start to expand and deepen. Teeth in this condition are at increased risk for tooth decay as well as dental fractures and tooth sensitivity.

If you have been experiencing discomfort when you consume certain foods and beverages you should schedule a dental checkup with a dentist like Dr. Mark Jensen or Dr. Anisha Patel. During the appointment, your teeth will be professionally cleaned and we will exam your mouth to detect any oral health problems.

If our dentist is concerned about the strength of your tooth enamel we might recommend administering a fluoride treatment. It can be performed in just a few short minutes to help remineralize your tooth enamel.

If there are further concerns about the mineral strength of your teeth we might also prescribe fluoride supplements. Popular options include concentrated fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash which can help you maintain strong teeth by minimizing tooth enamel erosion.

It might also help to make sure that all of your oral care products have earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance, to make sure they meet their high standards for safety and effectiveness.

If you live in the Kansas City, Missouri, area, and you have tooth sensitivity issues, you should call 816-436-8949 to set up a dental checkup and fluoride treatment at Dental Smile Makers.